Who we are

Wellness & Wireless was founded in 2012 by Maurizio Binello e Paolo Gambini with the ambition to develop a revolutionary approach to people’s health and wellbeing whilst keeping the individual’s practical and emotional needs at its centre.

Yukendu is the first of series of innovative services addressing both the wellbeing of healthy people as well as the growing health and disease management requirements.
Wellness & Wireless has gathered around its vision leading professionals including:


  • Prof. Marco De Angelis, W&W Chief Medical Officer, Applied Clinic Sciences and Biotechnolog at Univ. of L’Aquila (Italy) with a long standing experience on athlete’s physiology.


  • Prof. Alessandro Pratelli, psycotherapist, clinical pshychologist and professor at Univ. Statale di Milano (Italy).


Wellness & Wireless is co-funded by both private investors and by Fondo Ingenium Emilia-Romagna, a VC fund specialising exclusively in highly innovative business.

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